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Khaoticslash / Jan 27, 2017 / Raiding
Things continue to change!

We have revamped the structure of leadership and raiding in guild.

Officers are as follows:

Guild Master/Mama Bear/Website/Bank: Cynfilled
DPS: Durracel or Ketchup
Heals: Jayden of Hymm
Tank: Khaoticslash
Pvp: Kerebruzy (Kuma)

Normal Nighthold
(Open to all members who can pull over 300k DPS or HPS single target raid)
Tuesday - Thursday
8pm to 10 pm EST

Alt and Casual Raid N EN - H EN
(Open to all Members 110 and above, please be 820 ilvl, have addons, and discord)
7pm to 10pm EST

Progressive Raid Team
(Comprised of Elite Raiders Only, Casuals are considered benched spots and may join during an absence of core raider.)
Saturday - Sunday
3pm to 6:30pm EST

Additionally ranks have changed to incorporate the new changes:


These are proven leaders and top performers in the guild that go out of their way to help other guildies with their performance. If you need help and an officer is not available the next people to turn to are the Veterans.

Elite Raiders:

Elite Raiders are required to trial and raid with either progressive raid lead. You must maintain top level enchants and gems in all gear. At every progressive raid you will be required to have a flask, food, and potions (pre pot and lust) for each pull. You will be required to update an officer if you will not be able to raid on a certain day or time.(Emergencies do come up, and we get that, but we basically want a solid team of 20 to progress to Mythic)

The basic motto of Elite Raiders should be respect. Respect for the Raid Lead to listen to the fight. Respect for the officers describing the fight, asking for log review, or wanting to work with you for numbers. Respect for other raiders by showing up prepared and on time for pull. Respect for your time by researching and striving to continually improve your class. Yes this is a game, but the investment of time we all put into it needs to be recognized in order for us to progress.

Lastly, you must maintain competent DPS or HPS for the raid team to advance. If you are not meeting requirements you will be asked to sit out. If you are asked to sit out we also ask that you run at least one mythic dungeon per week either on Tuesday or Thursday with the guild or on your own at a level 5 or above. This is the best way to gear up toons or alts, as well as practice mechanics. You are welcome to in game mail Cynfilled or Khaoticslash and reserve a tank and heals at a time for you to improve your gear and stats.

Casual Raider:

Casual Raiders are raiders that cannot afford the best enchants or gems, or are not quite at the top performance levels. All raids still require you to have consumables as Elite Raiders.

However many of these members have extenuating circumstances in real life that mean they cannot make raid on a regular basis. If you are considered a Casual raider it is important to remember that core spots will be filled by Elite Raiders and spots are then placed open. This is not a punishment, this is to push the guild into Mythic content.


Social members are just that, social members whose main focus is to have fun instead of progression and raiding. These will be the last members to fill raiding spots, there are no requirements expected from these players.

If you are in any of the following positions and wish to move up or down in the ranking please message an officer and we can accommodate you.

DPS requirements and HPS requirements are rapidly changing at this point so please ask a raid lead for requirements regularly.

Thank you all for making Heretics within the Top 300 Guilds. We are all working hard and doing awesome at what we do. Leadership looks forward to progressing and having fun with all of you guys.

<3 Cyn

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Kuma and Dura you are not allowed to demote yourselves before you ask.... :P

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