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Khaoticslash / Jan 27, 2017 / Raiding

Things continue to change!We have revamped the structure of leadership and raiding in guild.Officers are as follows:Guild Master/Mama Bear/Website/Bank: CynfilledDPS: Durracel or KetchupHeals: Jayden of HymmTank: KhaoticslashPvp: Kerebruzy (Kuma)N...

Khaoticslash / Jan 10, 2017 / Raiding

Kerberuzy is un-disputably one of our top pvp players, and a definite MVP as he hit 99 pars and number 1 for damage this past weekend. GO KUMA GO!If you are interested in joining him for some PVP shoot him an in game mail I am sure he will be happ...

Khaoticslash / Nov 06, 2016 / Raiding

Congrats!After a few attempts and an hour's work the guild finished Emerald Nightmare Heroic. Each player received the Ahead of The Curve Achievement for completing the raid before the next raid was opened.Way to be awesome guys!

Khaoticslash / Nov 05, 2016 / Raiding

In a record clear of the first 4 bosses in under two hours!The Progressive team downed Cenarius on the 4th attempt. We got in 4 really great attempts at Xavius, the best getting him to 2%, but ran out of time for raid.TOMORROW! We are getting that...